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I'm Alfio Perino

I create custom web solutions bridging function and beauty in web development.

And this is my blog where I share some thoughts and ideas.

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Nice to have you here!

I'm Alfio Perino, an User Interface Designer & Developer.

Passionate about web development, I continue to want to bring color to the dark side of programming by combining just the right amount of technique, intuition, and creativity, seasoned with CSS and Javascript.

I studied design at the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires and after spending time in both the United States and Italy I returned to Argentina.

Self-learning and continuous education are my mantras.

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Interest React
Interest TypeScript
Interest Styled components
Styled components
Interest Node.js
Interest MongoDB

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Full stack developer

To me, programming is all about transforming ideas into tangible products. That's why I began learning web development while working as a UI/UX. Now, I'm a developer who specializes in supporting startups and companies, creating modern front-end applications and contributing to product development. So if you are looking for a hands-on developer who cares about users, code and who enjoys getting involved, let's work together!

FullstackFrontendWeb development
🧍 For individuals

Transform your ideas into reality

Just starting out with your product or website plans? I'd love to partner with you on planning, executing, and launching your ideas. For over 7 years, I have been creating websites from the ground up, molding clients' ideas into a web-friendly format that helps them connect with their target audience effectively.

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